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Mathematics education deals with learning and teaching of mathematics. It is characterized by strong interdisciplinary relations. On the one hand, it is strongly connected to mathematics as a scientific discipline and as a school subject. On the other hand, it relates to the learning sciences and other subject education disciplines.

In the mathemastics education group at LMU we work on research projects that study the teaching and learning of mathematics at different stages of the learning biography. Our aim is to understand what constitutes mathematical competence,how learners deal with mathematics and how mathematical learning processes can be supported in an age-appropriate way.

The projects realized by the group are based on theoretical analyses as well as prior research and apply mostly empirical methods to clarify open theoretical questions. Depending on the research questions, qualitative or quantitative methods or combinations are used. We focus on fundamental research questions related to mathematics education that have a strong relation to teaching and learning in practical settings.

Current Projects

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